What is TCAP?

Bringing Budget Certainty to Texas Cities

In a nutshell, TCAP:

  • Pools the energy buying needs of political subdivisions
  • Creates an ever-expanding, united front when contracting for energy
  • Brings contract clout (1.3 billion kWh annual consumption) to the market
  • Stabilizes budgets and saves money for it members
  • Advocates changes to make retail electric competition work
  • Protects ratepayer interests at ERCOT, the PUC and the Legislature
  • Provides “on-call” consultants to assist members

The Texas Coalition for Affordable Power is a non-profit corporation comprised of cities and other political subdivisions. Through the strength of numbers, TCAP can negotiate better electricity-buying deals than would be available to any member acting alone. With political subdivision members purchasing over 1.3 billion kWh annually, TCAP is the largest organization of its kind in the state.