Why Join?

TCAP member cities are able to create better, more fiscally responsible budgets because of the stable and predictable energy costs available to TCAP members. Taxpayers benefit because cities do not have to cut services or pass higher energy costs on through higher taxes when electricity prices experience volatility and spiking because of fluctuating market prices.

6 Benefits of TCAP Membership:

  1. TCAP is made up of more than 170 cities and other political subdivisions. This gives TCAP the power of numbers when negotiating energy contracts.
  2. TCAP purchases more than 1.3 billion kWh of electricity each year for the governmental use of cities. Larger purchases means more buying clout.
  3. TCAP energy contracts help cities stabilize budgets and save money for local governments.
  4. TCAP advocates for market changes to make competition work.
  5. TCAP looks out for ratepayer interests at ERCOT, the PUC and the Legislature
  6. TCAP provides “on-call” consultants to assist with billing and power consumption issues at no additional expense.


Not quite ready to join?