Member Testimonials

The Texas Coalition for Affordable Power (TCAP) is committed to serving as a resource to its members and other interested parties for the latest news and information related to the deregulated energy market with a focus on current and proposed legislation affecting this industry and current organization achievements.

“CAPP uniquely provides a full array of services in addition to meeting our immediate power needs. It offers advice on load management and billing issues and pursues innovative ideas for lowering long-term power costs and legislative remedies to market problems.”Jay Doegey, City Attorney – City of Arlington, Texas
“Access to CAPP’s consultants and attorneys has saved our city thousands of dollars!”Don T. Wilson – City of Eastland, Texas
“I know I could not have gotten a better deal with my current resources. I applaud the work that CAPP is doing”Bob Sparkman, Purchasing Agent – City of The Colony, Texas
“CAPP has provided not only counsel, attorneys and the opportunity to save on electric utilities, but has also kept us informed on legislative issues important to our city’s energy needs.”Carolyn House – City of Snyder, Texas
“The city of Abilene became a member of CAPP in order to gain some control over rising energy costs. For us, CAPP has been an excellent vehicle for the city to save 16% over the price to beat and has been an excellent deal for us.” Odis Dolton – City of Abilene, Texas
“CAPP has saved our city and its citizens many valued dollars. Our City Council has considered membership in CAPP a very positive decision.”Francene Allen-Noah, Mayor – City of Snyder, Texas