The vision of TCAP is to proactively and strategically promote an affordable market in Texas.

TCAP’s 10 Guiding Tenets:

  1. Treat all members fairly regardless of size or electricity use..
  2. Vigilantly monitor the market and market actors, including utilities, ERCOT and state policymakers.
  3. Pursue budget stability for members.
  4. Purchase and supply electricity at the best value.
  5. Be a leading authority and engaged on legislative, educational, informational, technological and market matters.
  6. Be an advocate for our citizens as electricity customers.
  7. Continue to grow the organization by reaching out to cities and other political subdivisions.
  8. Recognize and respond to the diverse energy requirements of our members.
  9. Cultivate relationships with other organizations interested in energy procurement.
  10. Maintain a prudent stewardship of TCAP resources.