Member Benefits


Historic Favorable Pricing

TCAP’s buying power as a large aggregated load is attractive to service providers allowing TCAP’s consultants to use this fact, in combination with their market expertise, to negotiate favorable pricing and terms of service.

Reliable Retail Electric Provider (REP) Services

A great energy price is not so attractive if superior customer service is not included. TCAP’s contract is structured as a three-party agreement, meaning there is both a REP services provider as well as a wholesale energy provider. This arrangement allows for receiving the best billing and customer service available while also securing the most favorable pricing option. Due to the excellent customer service to our members, TCAP has opted to contract with the GEXA energy.

Access to Consultants

TCAP members have access, both individually and through the aggregation as a whole, to energy and legal consultants. Members have historically found this feature extremely beneficial when they encounter issues or are asked questions by elected officials concerning the energy markets. Additional benefits provided by these consultants include contract negations and regulatory reporting assistance, as well as providing data and information concerning the energy industry.

Managing Expenditures

As an aggregated group, TCAP can perform functions one time for the benefit of all members instead of each member performing these functions individually. Thus, the cost for issuing and reviewing RFPs, engaging technical expertise when needed, or other expenditures, would be much more expensive for an individual than what is paid per member in aggregation fees.

Legislative Advocacy

TCAP members benefit from TCAP’s commitment to fight potential legislation that may harm members and consumers while advocating for beneficial legislative action in energy issues.

Contract Terms

In addition to securing favorable pricing, TCAP’s consultants also monitor and negotiate contract terms to ensure TCAP members receive more beneficial terms and conditions than are found in a REP’s standard contract for service. Minimizing bandwidth issues by contracting on a total TCAP load basis and providing for favorable treatment in adding and deleting accounts are two examples of this benefit.

Internet Access to Data

GEXA offers an extensive web portal to which members can log in to view and download multiple data sets and reports including consumption comparisons and reports, billing data, actual invoices, TDSP charge details, account reconciliation summaries and payment listings.

Peer Networking

The TCAP board and its meetings have become a valuable resource for members.

Consultant Resources

TCAP consultants provide an array of valuable resources electronically through newsletters, via the TCAP Web site, by telephone and in person.