5 mistakes City Managers can make that cost millions

… and how you can avoid them

Contracting for municipal electricity is complex. And not a little complex, but seriously complex. We see a lot of cities falsely assume that any old RFP will do, just find/replace “concrete” with “electricity” and Bob’s your uncle!

There are many nuances that if, not understood and expertly navigated, can cost millions. But never fear, we’re here to give you the top five mistakes that we see City Managers make.

5) Assuming the lowest bid will save your city money

4) Assuming long-term contracts are better than short-term contracts

3) Assuming brokers and REPs have your City’s best interest in min

2) Assuming all contracts are created equal

1) Assuming “going it alone” will secure you a great contract

Whether we’re the right fit for your City or not, we’re here to help you wade through the murky waters.

Don’t go it alone.

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