More than $360,000 — that’s how much Texas Coalition for Affordable Power members are now receiving back in government tax refunds thanks to special investigative work by one of TCAP’s expert energy consultants.

Approximately half of TCAP’s 160 political subdivision members will be receiving the latest refunds during the coming months, including refunds for more than $66,000 to Sugar Land, $51,000 to Odessa, $34,000 to Paris and $24,000 to Sweetwater.  This is on top of the more than $11 million in other sorts of rebates that have flowed back to TCAP cities since 2010.

Caitlin Bowdish of AMP Energy Consulting

Caitlin Bowdish, one of TCAP’s expert energy consultants, identified the latest tax refund opportunities after a painstaking audit of energy consuming facilities operated by coalition members. Tens of thousands of dollars in estimated additional annual savings also will accrue to TCAP member cities in future years because their electric bills going forward will continue to reflect the tax adjustments identified in the recent audits.

Typically, third-party vendors provide these technical audit services — but they charge steep contingency fees, with the result being much smaller refund checks back to energy consumers. TCAP, however, provides this extra tax refund-hunting service free of charge to its members.

“We’re happy to offer this specialized technical service to our cities and political subdivisions — anything we can do to save money for our members helps all of us,” said Jay Doegey, the coalition’s executive director. “This is complex, difficult work. I’m pleased we have the expert consultants on hand to do it, working on behalf of TCAP’s members, looking out for them at every turn.”

TCAP is a non-profit purchasing consortium of cities and other political subdivisions that have come together to negotiate better prices and service terms for electricity procured for their own governmental use. TCAP’s political subdivision members receive electricity through top-notch procurement contracts, access to leading power market consultants, legislative advocacy and most important of all … savings.

“I’m very pleased I was able to identify these latest refund dollars,” said Ms. Bowdish, president of Austin’s AMP Energy Consulting. “My sole mission with TCAP is to ensure its members receive the best service possible and that they always get the most value for their energy dollars.”