League of Women Voters considers energy issues at Fort Worth Luncheon

Geoffrey Gay

Texans pay much more for electricity than residents in neighboring states. Surveys have shown average electric bills in Houston and Dallas are some of the highest among major U.S. cities. These are serious problems to be sure. But what can be done about them?

The League of Women Voters in Tarrant County is hosting a luncheon next month to confront just these questions. The speaker is Geoffrey Gay, general counsel and consumer oriented lobbyist for the Cities Aggregation Power Project, which is a coalition of approximately 100 cities that purchase power in the deregulated market.

Gay, a former director of the Office of Public Utility Counsel, has over 30 years experience as an advocate for consumers of electricity and natural gas. He will be discussing challenges for the Texas deregulated electricity market as well as possibilities for legislative reform. State lawmakers are convening for the 82nd regular session in January.

The League of Women’s Voters is charging $20 and requires advanced reservations. The luncheon begins at noon on Nov. 3 at the Women’s Center, 1723 Hemphill, just south of downtown Fort Worth. There’s free on-site parking.

For more information, go to the League of Women Voters’ website at www.lwvtarrantcounty.org or call 817-348-VOTE (8683). The Texas Coalition for Affordable Power, sponsor of Recharge Texas, also has a list of proposed legislative reforms. You can read it here.