Jay Doegey

Jay Doegey

Former city attorney Jay Doegey, a Navy veteran with more than 35 years of experience in municipal government, has been named executive director of the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power.

With his appointment, Mr. Doegey returns to an organization over which he previously served as board president. He replaces outgoing executive director Randy Moravec, who retired from TCAP in May.

“We’re so very pleased to have Mr. Doegey back,” said current TCAP board president Miles Risley. “He knows this organization inside and out. He brings to the job invaluable wisdom and years of experience. Welcome back Jay!”

TCAP is comprised of 169 cities and other political subdivisions that have joined together to purchase power in bulk for their own governmental use. Formed in 2011 through the merger of two predecessor organizations — the Cities Aggregation Power Project and the South Texas Aggregation Project — TCAP is the largest and most successful coalition of its kind in the state.

Mr. Doegey served as TCAP board president from 2011 until 2014. He also served as board chairman for one of its predecessor coalitions — the Cities Aggregation Power Project — as well as board chairman for several other city coalitions. Mr. Doegey likewise served for 25 years as city attorney for Arlington, Texas, and 23 years on active duty and the reserves in the U.S. Navy. He retired as a captain.

“I look forward to working again with TCAP,” said Mr. Doegey. “Together, TCAP cities purchase more than 1.3 billion kilowatt hours of electricity each year. That’s power for street lights, water pumps, city buildings and other municipal uses. It’s a great organization and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Dr. Moravec, the outgoing executive director, assumed that position in 2011 — shortly after the formation of TCAP. Over the course of Dr. Moravec’s tenure, the coalition added 11 new members and distributed millions of dollars in rebate checks.

“We’re so very grateful for Randy’s tireless work on behalf of TCAP cities and their citizens,” said Mr. Risley, the current TCAP board president. “Randy has contributed his time and energy to this organization from its beginning — directing member services, crafting strategy and helping to make TCAP the most important coalition of its kind in Texas.”

Prior to his years as TCAP executive director, Dr. Moravec served as Finance Director for the Township of Addison. He received his PhD in public affairs from the University of Texas-Arlington in 2011, and has more than 35 years of experience in municipal finance.

“I’m deeply honored to have served as TCAP’s first executive director,” said Dr. Moravec. “This is an important organization that works hard to save money for Texans. TCAP wants what all Texans want: a well-functioning electricity market that encourages economic development for our cities and a better life for our citizens. I’m happy to have been part of that effort.”

TCAP members include Abilene, Addison, Arlington, Belton, Corpus Christi, Frisco, Grand Prairie, Grapevine, Harlingen, Kingsville, Mansfield, McAllen, Midlothian, Odessa, Pearland, Plano, Port Aransas, San Angelo, South Padre Island, Sugar Land, Texas City, Vernon, Victoria, Wichita Falls, as well as many other cities and political subdivisions.

What is the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power?

TCAP is a coalition of more than 160 cities and other political subdivisions that purchase electricity in the deregulated market for their own governmental use. Because high energy costs can impact municipal budgets and the ability to fund essential services, TCAP, as part of its mission, actively promotes affordable energy policies. High energy prices also place a burden on local businesses and home consumers.