Folks in Killeen appear to be a bit up in arms about their electric service. City officials there report numerous complaints in recent weeks — mostly from residents who have suffered poor service or who have received unexpectedly high electric bills.

“I’ve had complaints, where the citizens have called (the electric company), and they’re telling me that they’re being hung up on,” said Mayor Timothy Hancock, as reported by Killeen’s Channel 25 News. The mayor added that Killeen residents are “not getting any response and they’re being told ‘that’s just the way it is.’”

The  report also noted that a representative of the North Texas transmission and distribution utility, Oncor, addressed some of the complaints — but also told council members that the company could not speak on behalf of the separate retail electric providers that issue bills. By contrast, in areas outside deregulation only one entity typically handles billing, service and customer complaints.

City Manager Connie Green said the city will do whatever it can to reduce confusion and help its residents. “We will contact that retail electric service provider and let them know that we are not happy with the treatment of our citizens,” he said.

— R.A. Dyer