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Snapshot Report: 2019 PUC Complaint Data

Updated October, 2019


Electric Deregulation in Texas: A Market Chronicle



Snapshot Report: Electricity Prices in Texas

Updated May, 2019


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PUC: Company Broke Rules More Than 1,000 times

A Texas Retail Electric Provider took actions that infringed upon core customer protections, according to Public Utility Commission staff. The agency now seeks more than $2 million in penalties, and wants to revoke the company’s permission to operate in Texas.

More on the High Price of "Free" Power

  Last week we reported on TXU’s Free Nights and Weekends plans. The conclusion: even with a big change in your energy-consuming habits, TXU’s electricity-for-free deals probably will cost you more. But what about the state’s other big electric retailer,...

Warning: TXU’s "Free" Power May Cost You

  TXU marked an important milestone not long ago. In a press release, the state’s largest electric retailer announced that nearly 100,000 Texans had signed up for one of the company’s free electricity deals. You heard that right: free electricity. Under a variety...

Report Part 2: Minimum Use Fees

This is part two of a two-part series on electricity bills. In yesterday’s post, we introduced you to consumer advocate Carol Biedrzycki, and her new report on the sometimes hidden fees charged by retail electric providers (REPs). Today, we’ll take a deeper dive into...

Report Part 1: Hidden Charges

According to a new report, many retail electricity providers are charging absurd amounts of money for what should be basic customer service.

Low-Income Texans Benefit from Discount Program

Texas summers are anything but mild, especially when it comes to paying for electricity. These scorching months can be particularly difficult for low-income Texans. Fortunately, many will be eligible for bill discounts starting in September. However, the deadline to...

TCAP: Member Cities Receive Summer Dividends

Unlike for-profit electric retailers, TCAP returns surplus funds back to members. TCAP’s beneficial electricity contracts also cushion cities against punishing electric market volatility that can wreak havoc on city budgets.

New! TCAP Timeline Shows Major Milestones

A new timeline tells history of the Texas electricity market, from deregulation’s beginning, to phantom tax collections by utilities, to a recent drive by generators to secure multi-billion-dollar subsidies.

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