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ABCs of Energy: What City Officials Need to Know

December 7, 2012 at 8:30am in the Austin Marriot North, TML and TCAP will host the first ABCs of Energy: What City Officials Need to Know. A conference geared toward understanding the complexities of the Texas energy market. Cities have various interests in how they...

AARP Explains the Deregulation Powerplay, Features TCAP

AARP takes a look at the impact of energy deregulation on consumers, and its consequent results on the market. R. A. "Jake" Dyer R.A. Dyer is a policy analyst for TCAP, a coalition of cities and other political subdivisions that purchase electricity in the deregulated...

Media: Higher Electric Bills Ahead?

Media outlets across Texas are focusing this week on the Texas Public Utility Commission, which has a vote scheduled that could increase electric bills.

REPs may not honor fixed prices

Retail electric providers say they should have the right to increase prices in fixed-rate contracts if regulators follow through with a proposal to increase wholesale energy costs.

Electricity and Natural Gas Prices

The price of residential electricity has declined in recent years — but those declines are not nearly large enough to reflect what’s happening in the natural gas market.

Would TXU collapse increase rates?

TXU provides backup electric service for customers whose regular providers go bankrupt. But what if TXU itself goes bankrupt?

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