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Snapshot Report: 2019 PUC Complaint Data

Updated October, 2019


Electric Deregulation in Texas: A Market Chronicle



Snapshot Report: Electricity Prices in Texas

Updated May, 2019


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TCAP’s mission and guiding tenets

In September 2011, the board of Texas Coalition for Affordable Power met to collaboratively create a mission statement and guiding tenets. Mission Statement — The vision of TCAP is to proactively and strategically promote an affordable market for power procurement...

Texas Electricity Market Still Not Matching Pre-Deregulation Levels

Here’s the good news. The most recent federal data from the United States Energy Information Administration shows that residential electricity prices in Texas have dipped below the national average. That means Texans are saving on their electric bills, at least in...

Poor Texans Pay Needlessly Because of Fund Loss

Criticism mounts over divergence of System Benefit Fund Tens of thousands of low-income Texans will pay higher-than-necessary electric bills this summer because a special fund to help them has gone largely untapped. That’s the word from several news outlets, which are...

4 Heat Wave Conservation Tips to Save You $$$

The record heat in Texas this week has sent electricity usage soaring. Several Texas power plants also failed unexpectedly, leading to greater burdens for the power grid and higher wholesale energy prices in the spot market. ERCOT, the grid operator, issued...

Temperatures in Texas soar — and so do energy prices

The rolling blackouts that swept through Texas last February have been blamed on the unexpected failure of generation plants. The temperature dropped during a cold snap, the plants froze up, and then — before anybody really knew what hit them — the lights went out.... Electricity Complaints Skyrocket under Deregulation

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Electricity complaints have skyrocketed under the Texas electric deregulation law — from fewer than 2,100 received each year by the state’s Public Utility Commission to an average of more than 12,000 under deregulation, according to an...

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