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Snapshot Report: 2019 PUC Complaint Data

Updated October, 2019


Electric Deregulation in Texas: A Market Chronicle



Snapshot Report: Electricity Prices in Texas

Updated May, 2019


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Will expensive power market changes bankrupt REPs?

Will some electric providers go belly-up after ERCOT switches over to a complicated new system in December? It’s a possibility says Austin-based energy expert Chris Brewster. Speaking this week during the Gulf Coast Power Association’s fall conference, Brewster noted...

Are variable rate deals the best deregulation has to offer?

When electric industry officials and their allies defend today’s electric prices, they typically point to variable rate offers. That’s because they know that any examination of what Texans actually pay for electricity reveals we’re paying too much. Federal data, for...

Over-Priced “Nodal” System in the News

In December, Texas is expected to shift over from its already complicated system for managing the wholesale electricity market to one that’s even more complicated. If the new system works the way it’s supposed to work, computers will spit out distinct prices for...

Texas Electric Prices: A Good News, Bad News Story

Here's the good news. Electric prices in Texas have come down a little bit lately. Now, here's the not-so-good news: despite the recent drops, electric prices in Texas have remained stubbornly above the national average. They've also remained well above prices in...

Reducing Confusion with Standardized Deals

Shopping for electricity in the Texas deregulated market can be a bewildering experience.  A consumer may think they’ve selected the lowest-cost deal, only to find that it includes an onerous deposit requirement or some other restriction. To make the market more...

Big Profits for Electric Companies under Deregulation

Electric deregulation was supposed to benefit consumers — that was the promise during the 1990s when several states adopted the market system. But according to a new report, some of the biggest winners last year were the major generation companies. Released by the...

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