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Snapshot Report: 2019 PUC Complaint Data

Updated October, 2019


Electric Deregulation in Texas: A Market Chronicle



Snapshot Report: Electricity Prices in Texas

Updated May, 2019


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Getting Walloped in the Electricity Market

A Dallas TV station reports that north Texas woman switched power companies to save a few dollars and then "got walloped with a nearly $500 bill."  See video here

Texans in Deregulated Areas Pay More

Texans in recent years have seen their electric prices go up at a much greater pace than consumers nationwide. But in Texas, consumers can buy electricity in both deregulated areas and areas outside deregulation. So what about prices only in the state"s deregulated...

How to defend higher rates: the Fruit Salad Approach

Some industry groups have taken the fruit salad approach in an attempt to mask the poor performance of the state"s deregulated electricity market. That is, first these groups will compare apples to oranges by reviewing average rates on the one hand to lowest-cost...

Proposed Meter Tampering Rules: A Thorny Issue for Consumers

The Public Utility Commission is currently considering new rules relating to a very important and thorny issue: meter tampering. That is, on occasion a private individual may improperly disconnect, rewire or otherwise alter an electric meter in such a way as to reduce...

Oncor’s Controversial Meters: An Expensive History

Killeen residents continue giving Oncor an earful about their new advanced meters and high electric bills. Oncor has blamed a recent cold snap -- and not the new meters – as the likely culprit for high bills. Lost in the debate, however, is the controversial history...

Killeen Residents Angered by Electric Service

Folks in Killeen appear to be a bit up in arms about their electric service. City officials there report numerous complaints in recent weeks -- mostly from residents who have suffered poor service or who have received unexpectedly high electric bills. "I've had...

Houston and San Antonio: A Tale of Two Cities

Here’s a bit more bad news about prices under the state’s flawed deregulated system. According to recent figures from the Public Utility Commission web site, residents in the state"s largest city under deregulation (Houston) continue paying far more for electricity...

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