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Snapshot Report: 2019 PUC Complaint Data

Updated October, 2019


Electric Deregulation in Texas: A Market Chronicle



Snapshot Report: Electricity Prices in Texas

Updated May, 2019


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Penalizing customers for exercising their power to choose?

One of the few bright spots for electric consumers during the 2009 Legislative session was passage of House Bill 1822, by state Rep. Burt Solomons. The legislation calls for the establishment of common terms on utility bills and also includes an important requirement...

Electric Deregulation in Texas: A new definition of success?

Here’s some food for thought. Recall that for years before deregulation, electric rates in Texas were below the national average. Recall also the famous words of former state Sen. David Sibley, co-author of the electric deregulation law, who said that the market...

Tip for Consumers: Check the complaint data first

Looking to switch electric service? Lots of folks already know the website is a good place to start when you’re comparing prices. What’s less known is that the website also includes useful data about customer complaint rates. Here’s how it works....

Do the math: Texans pay too much for electricity

Prices go up and prices go down, but under the state"s flawed deregulation law, one fact of life appears to have remained constant: Texans pay too much. Consider that customers in TXU"s service territory pay more today than they would have paid in March of 2000, which...

SWEPCO seeks big rate increase

Tens of thousands of consumers living in north and east Texas would end up paying 20 percent more for electricity under a proposed rate hike by AEP Southwestern Electric Power Company. The company (which is more commonly known as SWEPCO) filed its request before the...

Texans Continue Paying Too Much for Electricity

Although some electric retailers have cut prices in recent weeks, Texas consumers continue paying too much for power, according to an analysis of federal data. The Energy Information Administration, a federal agency that collects information about the electric...

Chicken Problems for the Texas Wind Industry?

In case you missed it, the Associated Press has an interesting story this week about a small bird that’s leading to big headaches for the wind industry. Known as the “lesser prairie chicken,” the bird is apparently very close to being listed as threatened or...

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