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Snapshot Report: Electricity Prices in Texas

Updated May, 2019


Snapshot Report: 2018 PUC Complaint Data

Updated November, 2018


Deregulated Electricity in Texas: A Market Annual



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Financial speculators betting on power line congestion

In Texas, they’re called “Congestion Revenue Rights.” Think of them as financial instruments — except they exist not in the world of investment banking, but rather in the world of wholesale electricity. What do you get when you buy one of these financial instruments?...

Electric Deals Pay Customers for Conservation

Smart meters — that is, those automated electric meters that measure energy consumption at homes and businesses — cost Texans between $2 and $3 every month. Although electric utilities long have advocated for them, the benefits never included much by the way of...

Cure for ERCOT’s Summertime Blues

A relatively mild summer and new power plant construction have combined to ease the burden on the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the state’s primary electric grid operator. Nicholas Sakelaris, of the Dallas Business Journal, reports this week that new natural...

Natural Gas and Electricity Prices: Ups & Downs

In Texas, natural gas helps set the price of wholesale power. When natural gas prices go up, wholesale power prices also should increase. When natural gas prices go down, wholesale energy costs should follow. This correlation exists because natural gas fuels many...

That sucking sound? Vampire devices drawing power

Not using that coffee maker? Turn it off and unplug it. The same goes for your computer and your fax machine. Like vampires, household appliances quietly suck up electricity while you sleep and while you’re away at work.  This is true even if you’ve completely shut...

Consumer Complaints Target Electric Companies

In a sign of continuing challenges for Texas electricity consumers, a number of power retailers have been accused in high-profile cases of deceptive marketing and other abuses. The complaints have led to unflattering news accounts and unwelcome regulatory scrutiny for...

Little Electric Company to Pay Big Penalty

Proton Energy, a tiny Texas retail electric company accused of being a serial rules violator, has agreed to a $400,000 penalty and a change in ownership, according to documents filed at the Texas Public Utility Commission. The PUC accused Proton in September of more...

Shopping for Power? Don’t Forget

Shopping for electricity? If you have a computer, and you live in Texas, then your first stop should be Operated by the Texas Public Utility Commission, the non-profit website provides unbiased information about retail electric companies and their...

Variable-Rate Deals: Buyers Beware

Beware variable-rate deals. The popular electricity offers may look tempting, but they can become very expensive … very quickly. What’s a variable-rate deal? In areas of Texas with electric competition, electricity is typically sold for a fixed-term or on a...

TCAP Snapshot Report: An EFH Bankruptcy?

Energy Future Holdings faces the prospect of bankruptcy — perhaps in just a few weeks. How is it that the state’s largest electric company now finds itself in such dire straits? And how would an EFH financial collapse impact you? The Texas Coalition for Affordable...

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