TCAP  Director Jay Doegey authors article for TML magazine.

Purchasing power in Texas can be a complicated business. What terms of service are best? How do you know, really, what the small print means?  Now just imagine the challenges that confront city officials as they purchase power — sometimes tens of thousands of kilowatts of it — on behalf of their city governments.

TCAP, a non-profit coalition of cities, deals with these issues every day. We also understand the specific challenges that face city procurement officers. That’s because the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power is comprised entirely of cities and other political subdivisions. Our non-profit coalition is managed by city officials, not sales people.

In this month’s edition of Texas Town & City magazine (published by the Texas Municipal League) TCAP  executive director Jay Doegey shares some the wisdom he’s accumulated over the years regarding municipal energy procurement. Jay, a former city official himself, also describes some common purchasing pitfalls.

Jay’s article appears on page 38 of the July 2018 edition. You also can read it online, here.