Jay Doegey

Jay Doegey, the man who deftly led the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power from its inception and who for years has worked tirelessly on behalf of Texas energy consumers, has retired.

“It’s hard to overstate the contributions Jay has made on behalf of energy consumers in Texas over the past three decades,” said TCAP executive director Randy Moravec. “He has led some of the state’s most prominent and influential municipal energy coalitions to contest regulated utility rate cases, saving cities and their constituents hundreds of millions of dollars through his dedicated efforts.”

Mr. Doegey was on hand for the creation of TCAP in 2011 and also served as the first and only board president for its predecessor organization, the Cities Aggregation Power Project. TCAP was formed through the merger of CAPP and a separate organization, the South Texas Aggregation Project.

During Mr. Doegey’s tenure TCAP has grown into the most important electricity-buying coalition of its kind in the state.

Mr. Doegey also served as chairman of the Steering Committee of Cities Served by Oncor, a coalition of cities that represents the interests of electric consumers in Oncor rate cases. He likewise has served as co-chair for the Atmos Cities Steering Committee, a coalition of cities that represents the interests of gas utility consumers at the Texas Railroad Commission. Together, both coalitions have helped save Texans millions of dollars in gas and electric utility rates.

He  also he has served as board member for the Texas Coalition of Cities for Utility Issues.

With his retirement this week, Mr. Doegey steps down from each of those organizations and likewise leaves his position as head of the Arlington legal department. He has served as City Attorney in Arlington since 1986.

A ceremony in Mr. Doegey’s honor at the Arlington Civic Center brought together the current mayor, Robert Cluck, a past mayor, Richard Green, and scores of friends and well-wishers. Mr. Doegey was lauded for his top-notch legal work in all areas of municipal law, including his involvement in the complex deal that resulted in the 2009 completion of AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys.

A proclamation by the TCAP board also noted Mr. Doegey’s hard work on behalf of electric consumers and the protection of city regulatory jurisdiction.

“Jay has worked tirelessly throughout his career in the service of Texas cities and their citizens,” said Geoffrey Gay, TCAP’s general counsel. “His is a legacy of excellence. Thanks to his wise leadership and years of hard work, the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power and other important non-profit service organizations have flourished.”

Prior to his work with Arlington, Mr. Doegey served as Assistant City Attorney in Corpus Christi.  He has a B.A. in mathematics with a minor in economics from Southern Illinois University and a J.D. from the University of Texas in Austin.  He served in the U.S. Navy both on active duty and in the reserves and retired after 23 years as a captain.

The International Municipal Lawyers Association awarded Mr. Doegey in 1996 with its prestigious Outstanding National Public Service Award by a Local Government Attorney. He also has been designated an IMLA Local Government Fellow. He served as IMLA president in 2012, and served as president of the Texas City Attorneys Association in 2008.

The TCAP proclamation for Mr. Doegey can be read at the link, below.