In September 2011, the board of Texas Coalition for Affordable Power met to collaboratively create a mission statement and guiding tenets.

Mission Statement —

The vision of TCAP is to proactively and strategically promote an affordable market for power procurement through advocacy and education

Guiding Tenets —

  • Treat all members fairly regardless of size or kWh load
  • Never take your eye off the market (always be aware of the market)
  • Maintain stability and best value
  • Purchase and supply electricity at the most affordable price
  • Be a leading authority and engaged in the industry on legislative, educational, informational, technological and market matters
  • Be mindful of who our customers are
  • Be an advocate for consumers/citizens
  • Continue the growth of the organization-one city at a time
  • Recognize and respond to the diverse energy needs of our customers
  • Be a “one-stop shop” for energy market needs for our members
  • Cultivate relationships with other organizations (HGAC, etc.) as partners in the provision of energy
  • Intensively monitor key market actors (utilities, ERCOT) other federal, state and local initiatives that may affect energy in the future