The Texas Coalition for Affordable Power (TCAP) is proud to be governed by a 15-member board of directors from 15 different political subdivisions — including representatives from each of ERCOT’s four zones. TCAP is a for-members, by-members NON-PROFIT organization.

The Texas Coalition for Affordable Power possesses the legal authority to negotiate contractual agreements directly in the wholesale electricity market. Individual cities do not have this authority. TCAP also negotiates separately with retail electric providers and thanks to TCAP’s non-profit status and great leadership, it has managed to rebate over $8.1 million to its members. This is a benefit you’re not likely to receive from a for-profit electric company.


When the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power members are viewed individually, their entire combined peak load is over 310 megawatts. However, when combined together as a single load, the peak is under 247 MW. Energy suppliers find this more than 20 percent reduction in peak load attractive. As a result TCAP possesses an advantage in purchasing power that cannot be matched by single political subdivisions acting alone.

The Texas Coalition for Affordable Power is also unique in offering its members direct access to market experts at no cost. These consultants help resolve energy-related issues, contract and legal issues, budgeting issues and can assist with grant applications and regulatory and legislative advocacy. These consultants also are available to assist with other energy-related challenges.