Complexity of Texas electricity plans makes decision on electricity provider complicated and expensive

DALLAS–House Bill 1006 and Senate Bill 948, currently pending in the Texas Legislature, would require all competitive electricity providers to offer a standard one-year, fixed-rate package, easing the confusion often associated with hidden fees and charges felt by many Texas consumers in the deregulated electricity market.

Shopping for electricity in Texas can often be a confusing experience. Are there connection fees? Late fees? Transaction fees? What is my rate? Is it variable? How easily can I switch providers? Do I really know what I’m paying for each month?

The proposed standard plan would present consumers with a clear-cut choice on which electricity provider to select – a standard retail service package on a standard form with standard terms, where the only difference between providers would be the price of electricity they’re offering. Prefer a non-standard plan? Under the legislation, retail electric providers could continue offering those as well.

All Texas consumers in the deregulated market have a right to make an informed choice on electricity providers. But too often hidden fees, fine print, and miniscule variations between electric plans can add up to big differences in your monthly bill. With more than 40 retail electric providers offering more than 140 different plans in Texas, how can you ever do a side-by-side comparison? It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

A standard electricity plan will help to lower electric bills and make the market more competitive.

Let your legislator in Austin know you care.