AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Two key pieces of legislation currently pending in Austin, Senate Bills 655 and 661, could impact what millions pay for utility service. For anyone with gas or electric service these bills are important. But crucial details remain to be worked out.

You can find out more about SB 655 and 661—plus the ins and outs of important energy legislation—at the state’s premier website for energy consumers: At, you’ll find fun videos, an interactive rate calculator, information about how to get involved in Austin, and a blog with the latest energy consumer news.

This week at RechargeTexas read about Senate Bill 655 and the most important state agency that you’ve probably never heard of: the State Office of Administrative Hearings. Consumer advocates hope this tiny state agency will figure into the final version of SB 655, which is an extremely important piece of legislation under consideration by Texas lawmakers. Find out what SOAH does and why the agency is so important for gas utility customers at the RechargeTexas blog.

Also this week at learn why ERCOT, the organization that oversees the state’s power grid, needs more oversight. An 108-page report available for download details ERCOT’s long history of mismanagement and broken budgets. Also read about the unresolved question in Senate Bill 661 relating to the composition of the ERCOT board of directors. While consumers pay 100 percent of the electric costs within the ERCOT market, consumer representatives remain outnumbered on the ERCOT board of directors. Could the final version of Senate Bill 661 bring more balance?

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