Texas’ electric grid has experienced a couple of hiccups this year that have been blamed on weather extremes.

In February many parts of the state experienced rolling blackouts when dozens of power plants were knocked offline by several days of extreme cold.

And at the end of June the Electric Reliability Council of Texas called on consumers to cut back power use during peak afternoon hours when high temperature coincided with a handful of unexpected plant outages.

The same happened last week when a whopping 3,800 megawatts of power plant capacity went offline unexpectedly.

The February event has been looked at by state regulators, who now say it does not appear market manipulation was behind the outages, while a federal report concluded cold weather was indeed behind the outages, but that there’s more power plant operators could have done to avoid them.

One group of analysts isn’t buying it, however.

McCullough Research, a Portland, Oregon-based firm best known to some for its work turning the light on some of Enron’s electricity market manipulation schemes in that region several years ago, says the weather extremes Texas experienced earlier this year are nothing new.

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