In the two weeks since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a new rule limiting cross-state air pollution from power plants, Gov. Rick Perry and state environmental officials have been complained about the regulation in the usual terms — saying it’s a job-killer, fueled by the federal government’s thirst for regulation.

Perry called the new rule “heavy-handed and misguided.” Texas Commission on Environmental Quality chairman Bryan Shaw wrote in an op-ed that the rule “will cut Texas jobs, cut Texas economic growth, increase Texas energy costs and harm Texas energy security.”

It’s more of the same from Texas officials responding to EPA regulation, debunking science in the name of jobs and industry. But it’s a delicate time for the EPA, with a slate of new rules coming out in the next few months, and resistance in the state getting better organized.

In the op-ed, Shaw said the new cross-state rule will “impose great costs on coal-fired power plants, causing some to shut down or curtail operations,” and warned of blackouts “which create serious health risks to Texans dependent upon reliable energy.”

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