After three straight days of beginning emergency procedures to save the Texas electrical grid from total blackout, the chief executive of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas spoke to us via telephone Friday morning.

Trip Doggett said Texans are conserving, and he appreciates it. But there is no time to relax; until the weather eases, customers must remain vigilant about electricity use.

Do you feel confident that Texans have been conserving electricity?

I do. We’ll still have a tight day today and we’re looking at weather forecasts. Looking at the national weather forecasts, I’m concerned about the next 15 days, with the high temperatures we’re seeing.

What’s the biggest challenge ERCOT faces right now?

Maintaining an adequate level of reserves during those hottest hours of the day. So, really between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. we’re finding it challenging to maintain enough reserve margin to allow us to react if we had a sudden loss of a large generating unit.

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