An Electric Reliability Council of Texas proposal to loosen restrictions on its emergency interruptible load service program has drawn conflicting reactions from stakeholders.

ERCOT on Monday afternoon issued a notice of draft amendments to the Public Utility Commission of Texas substantive rule regarding EILS. The proposed changes include:

–allowing participation by distributed generation;
–changing the name to “emergency response service;”
–eliminating the 1,000 MW capacity procurement ceiling per contract period;
–eliminating a 90-day-notice requirement for creating new contract periods;
–eliminating the current requirement for three specific contract periods and allowing ERCOT to set contract periods as needed;
–eliminating a requirement that the emergency resource be able to reduce load within 10 minutes of dispatch; and
–allowing ERCOT to renew resources’ obligations for additional hours during a contract period if ERCOT exceeds the eight-hour obligation within that contract period.

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