From the FuelFix blog,

“That’s the question that lurks behind a bill currently winding its way through the Legislature. Sponsored by Rep. Senfronia Thompson, D-Houston, House Bill 3610 and its companion, Senate Bill 1693, would allow streamlined rate cases for the one piece of the Texas electricity market that hasn’t been deregulated – transmission.”

Money in the Electricity Market

“Consumer groups warn that the bill will make it easier for utilities to hike rates, inflate their profits and bloat spending.

LeBlanc pointed to the contentious “true-up” case of 2004, which was tied up in litigation for years. That’s the sort of protracted legal battle CenterPoint would like to avoid in the future. No doubt, but that case also was about how utilities were going to foist onto consumers the cost of power plants built under regulation. It’s an example of exactly why we need contested rate cases.”