In the midst of the 2012 presidential campaign, the discussion of energy supply and demand has again made its way to the forefront. Regardless of the candidates’ positions on the issue, the fact remains that we need all sources of energy production and we need them now. If we cannot continue to develop a steady baseline of electricity capacity, one that grows to meet our expanding needs, last winter’s rolling blackouts in Texas will seem like a minor discomfort compared to what might come.

A reliable electricity supply is arguably the most important infrastructure need of a modern society. Almost everything upon which we depend will simply cease working without electricity. The Texas energy grid was already under strain during the extreme weather of 2011, and to meet our growing needs, the system must increase generation by an astounding 28 percent by 2021 – less than 10 years from today – and then increase capacity again by an additional 31 percent by 2031.

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