Grayson County, Texas — Oncor has reached a settlement with several cities including Sherman, Denison and Gainesville that will raise the rates of hundreds of people in the region.

On a hot sunny day you’ll find young Texomans taking a dip at the pool and nearly everyone else inside a cool air conditioned building — to avoid the hot sun.

Montreal Orum works at Sugar Bear catering, that provides everything from BBQ to flavored snow cones which gives people a much needed cool down on a hot summer day.

“We have the Sugar Bear Hero with pickles and onions and we are the boss of the BBQ sauce you need to try us, we have the best sauce on this side of the state,”said Montreal Orum.

To make that sauce and other treats — their business is dependent on large amounts of electricity — so when they heard about a potential rate increase from Oncor — they knew it could have a major impact on their catering.

“If we have more catering going on then the electricity will go up but I know for a fact that we’re using entirely to much it really kills us with the ice machine,”said Orum.

“Its a rate increase, nobody likes to see rate increases and we don’t like the increases but our costs go up,”said Todd Thompson of Oncor.

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