Regulators are absolutely desperate to keep us away from that white-knuckle precipice of rolling blackouts we so perilously toed last summer. And they’re willing to try anything to entice electric generators to build more power plants and bring existing plants out of mothballs in the meantime.

The main idea is to pay them more by raising the price ceiling on electricity, which is currently $3,000 per megawatt-hour. Thursday, the Public Utility Commission of Texas, electricity’s regulatory body, tentatively approved two rules that would do just that. The first would triple the price ceiling by 2015. But the second rule could take effect as early as August 1, raising the ceiling to $4,500. Commissioner Kenneth Anderson doesn’t think that’s such a good idea. So Unfair Park caught up with him to ask why he thinks raising the wholesale price of electricity this summer isn’t necessary, and why it might even have some unintended consequences for the rest of us.

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