Attention Texas electricity customers with variable rates: If you expect to get walloped when the next bill arrives, the Watchdog has a strategy that may get that bill lowered.

At the August meeting of the Texas Public Utility Commission, new Chairwoman Donna L. Nelson held a copy of an Aug. 19 Watchdog column about an Arlington man whose power bill jumped to $1,111 in one month because of electricity rate spikes.

“I’m sure you saw the article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram this morning about the gentleman who was with Dynowatt, and it was a variable rate plan,” she said. His rate jumped from 10.6 to 18.3 cents per kilowatt-hour, she explained.

“Under the new rules we adopted there were certain disclosures that had to take place on the bill, if you remember. And so this article calls into question whether those actually happened.

“I guess I would like enforcement staff to look into this and make sure that the disclosures that are supposed to be happening are happening.”

There it is! The key to getting a power bill lowered. It’s like that moment in school when the teacher tells students what will be on the test.

Read the full article at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.