Caitlin helps coordinate our billing and energy management. If you have a question about your account, just give her a call. The value of her expert assistance is just another benefit of membership.

Caitlin is a mechanical engineer with nearly 20 years of experience in engineering and energy management. She has been a TCAP consultant for over 13 years now, and in January 2010, she started AMP Energy Consulting, where she continues to consult for TCAP, along with providing energy consulting and expert witness services to additional municipalities, law firms and private sector clients.

One of AMP’s primary roles with TCAP is to monitor electric accounts and work directly with the retail electric provider (currently GEXA Energy) and transmission and distribution utility to ensure accurate billing.  Caitlin also worked extensively with GEXA to design the web portal that is used today to view invoicing and download reports from. 

Caitlin is available to all TCAP members to  assist with billing inquiries and provide data upon request.  She also provides many additional services to TCAP members, including preparing power factor analyses, calculating demand ratchet associated costs, providing streetlight counts, and identifying meters with zero usage.

If you ever have any questions related to your electric bill, email her at or call her at (512) 949-9918!