Why Join TCAP?

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what City Managers love about TCAP:

TCAP is a great tool to have in any City Manager’s war chest. They provide the technical and legal expertise to navigate the very complicated electric power market for the benefit of both small and large municipalities.

Excellent pricing, total transparency, and Board members I can identify with, who are making decisions that are in the best interest of cities. So, why should we trust other people who are commission based and profit driven when TCAP buys electricity directly from the very same sources?!

We’ve found TCAP valuable in helping to keep our electricity costs low. Their combined membership provides substantial leverage in negotiating the best deal for power, and provides the budget stability that we need.

Who can join?

TCAP membership is available to political subdivisions in Texas that buy power in the deregulated market, and whose load profile does not cause significant deterioration of TCAP’s overall load profile.
A political subdivision is defined as any county, city, municipality incorporated town, township, school district, non-profit water district or county institution district.

Get the conversation going

We would love to talk with you to see if TCAP is the right fit for your political subdivision.