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What is TCAP?

We are a non-profit, for cities, by cities aggregator of electricity.

Better Together

By buying electricity together, TCAP’s members enjoy much better pricing than they could obtain on their own.

Agenda Free

We’re governed by an all-volunteer, 15-member board, composed of city leaders. No hidden agendas… just yours.

Big Dividends

Ever wonder how much of your electricity cost goes right to the provider’s bottom line? For TCAP members: Zero. Zilch. Nada!

All the Latest Texas Electricity Market News — All the Time

New June Energy Records Set for Texas

On June 23 — a hot day even by Texas standards — electrical consumption on the state’s main power grid spiked in quick succession to 66.7 gigawatts, 67.5 gigawatts and then to 67.7 gigawatts.. Each spike represented a new June record for peak power usage, and they all...

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