8 Reasons

8 more reasons you’d be a fool not to join your peers.

Game-Changing Strategic Buying Program

SBP purchases energy whenever the wholesale electric market prices are most advantageous. This takes away the risk associated with traditional, long-term, fixed-price contracts that incorporate risk premiums and carrying charges as insurance against an unknowable future.

Members Enjoy Favorable Pricing

TCAP’s buying power as a large aggregated load is very attractive to energy companies — a fact that our consultants use to negotiate pricing and terms favorable to even the smallest of our members. TCAP is able to go to the wholesale energy market directly for contract prices. Not everyone can do that. That means savings and transparency.

We Provide Top Notch Services

A great energy price is not so attractive if superior customer service is left behind. Our contract is structured as a three-party agreement: there’s us (1), as well as a retail electric provider (2), and a wholesale energy provider (3). This arrangement guarantees the best in billing and customer service, all backed by amazingly favorable pricing.

Members Have No-Cost Access to Expert Consultants

Both individually and through the aggregation as a whole, members get access to energy, legal, and communication consultants. Historically, this has been extremely beneficial when members encounter issues or are asked questions by elected officials concerning the energy markets. Additionally, our consultants provide contract negotiations and regulatory reporting assistance.

Group-Managed Expenditures

As an aggregated group, we can perform functions one time for the benefit of all members instead of each member performing them on its own. For instance, the cost of issuing and reviewing RFPs or engaging in technical expertise may be out of fiscal reach for some, but are part of TCAP’s standard business operations and are included with membership.

Access Your Data, Instantly

TCAP worked with its REP to create an extensive, custom web portal where members can view and download multiple data sets and reports, including billing data, invoices, TDSP charge details, account reconciliation summaries, payment listings, and much more.

Network With Peers

From our regular board meetings, to regional partner meetings with TML and TCMA, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with other members and expand your knowledge and network.

Learn & Share

Our consultants provide an array of high-value resources such as monthly newsletters, blog posts, industry reports, webinars, training videos, and are always available via telephone or in person.

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